Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book for equipment hire?

Yes – all hire equipment has to be booked online here at

Can I book on the day when I am at Loch Morlich?

Yes – you can book online using your smartphone, there is reasonable 4G at Loch Morlich or come close to the Boathouse and log on to the Guest Boathouse Wi-Fi.

How do I know what the weather conditions are?

There is a webcam at

Can I go Windsurfing?

No - Loch Morlich is not offering Windsurfing this summer.

Can I cancel my booking and get a refund?

Yes – if you give Loch Morlich Watersports more than 24 Hours’ notice. See our Terms and Conditions for full details.

Can I take my dog?

Dogs are allowed on the Canoes & Row Boats but be aware, a dog moving about can make the craft unstable.

Do you have life jackets for dogs?

No – Dogs tend to be fairly good swimmers, The advice is to stay close to the shore if taking your og on board.

Are the changing rooms and toilets open?

No – They remain closed. If you are going to wear a wetsuit you need to get changed on the beach or in your car. Bring a BIG towel!!

Where are the nearest toilets?

The beach toilets are open, they are about 100 meters from the Boathouse.

Why are there age restrictions on trips with instruction?

In previous seasons if a youngster has been struggling the instructor has been able to ‘lend a hand’. The instructor cannot do this now due to social distancing, so a degree of self-reliance is required. See for lesson details and booking.

My children are small, can four of us go in one canoe?

No – the maximum is three persons in one canoe. If there are four participants then two canoes are required.

Can I take my toddler in a canoe?

The smallest buoyancy aid that Loch Morlich Watersports supplies fits an average 3-year-old. Very young children can go with an adult, but much depends on the conditions on the day - if in doubt please just ask a member of staff.